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Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Style

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Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Style

Drone Delivery: Is It Right For You?

Faith Brown

The possibility of drone delivery has been in the news multiple times over the last several years, with the most recent example being the unveiling of a prototype delivery drone by Amazon. However, there are several different sides in this argument, with many people arguing against drone services. Should you consider this option or stick to the old-fashioned mail services?

The Potential Benefits

The proposed benefits of Amazon's prototype drone are shocking: according to specifications, it can fly up to 15 total miles in a delivery and may be able to get the order to your home in under 30 minutes. And all that would be done without a single person being inside of the drone.

At a height of about 400 feet, it would be high enough to avoid the grasping hands of thieves, but also low enough to avoid planes. A "detect and avoid" system has been installed to help break away from attempts at hacking and taking control of the drone.

There Will Be Disadvantages

Not everyone is completely sold on the concept of drone delivery. A writer for Forbes.com wrote about what he perceived as potential disadvantages with the new system. One of the first items he brought up was the price: drone delivery is likely to cost a lot more and may be out of the price range of the average consumer.

He also points out one disadvantage that may not be obvious to many homeowners, but will be all too obvious to apartment renters: potential inaccuracy of delivery. The drone is likely to deliver something directly to the front door of any establishment, whether it's a home or an apartment. As a result, your package may be far from your apartment in a way that traditional hand delivery would never allow.

The Potential For Growth Is Real

If Amazon is successful in integrating drone delivery, there's a real possibility of a paradigm-shattering change. As the price of the technology decreases, it's easy to imagine that drone delivery will expand beyond Amazon and into other enterprises. For example, imagine the following items getting delivered to your door in less than half an hour:

  • Groceries
  • Food from a restaurant
  • Books and entertainment items
  • Clothes

The convenience of receiving these items quickly makes drone delivery an attractive option, but the possibility of theft or misdirection removes some of that appeal.

Drone delivery is coming and you need to make a decision now: do you want to invest in this high-tech delivery solution or does the lack of human interaction make you nervous? It's a topic worth perusing around the water cooler the next time you talk about your latest online purchases.

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