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Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Style

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Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Style

Keeping Dust To A Minimum In The Oil Field

Faith Brown

It's estimated that some 275,000 people are either directly or indirectly employed by the oil industry in Alberta alone. Of those employed in the oil field, few play as important a role in maintaining the comfort and safety of their fellow workers as the individuals who drive water trucks.

Dust control is a key element that many oil companies need to pay attention to, and water trucks help to keep dust to a minimum. Here are three reasons why dust control is so important in today's oil fields.

1. Dust control contributes to the safety of roads leading to and from the oil field.

To turn a profit on the oil mined from oil fields, an oil company must be able to transport crude oil to refineries that are located some distance away from drill sites. Oil tankers plan an important role in the transportation of crude oil, and these tankers travel along the roads leading to and from the oil fields on a daily basis.

Since many oil field roads are not paved, a significant amount of dust is created by the trucks using these roadways. Dust reduces visibility and increases the likelihood that an oil tanker will crash during transport. Water trucks regularly maintain oil field roads, ensuring that dust doesn't create a driving hazard for oil tanker drivers.

2. Dust control protects the health of workers in the oil field.

Drilling for oil is inherently dangerous, so every effort is made to reduce worker injury in the oil field. Dust control plays an important role in contributing to the health and safety of workers on oil riggings.

Breathing in a significant amount of dust can result in damage to the lung tissue of oil field workers. Water trucks can help eliminate dust around the rigging site by regularly coating patches of dirt with a dust suppressant to eliminate airborne dust particles.

3. Dust control helps extend the life of oil drilling equipment.

Expensive pieces of machinery are required to extract crude oil from the ground, and dust can have an adverse effect on the efficiency of this machinery. When airborne dust particles settle on heavy drilling equipment, these particles can clog up hoses and create areas of friction.

By using water trucks to eliminate excess dust in the oil field, oil companies can effectively extend the life of costly drilling equipment.

Understanding the negative impact dust can have on the safety and productivity of an oil rig allows you to see the valuable role that water trucks play in the oil industry today.

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