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Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Style

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Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Style

3 Things You Should Do Before Buying A Dump Truck For Your Construction Business

Faith Brown

Buying a dump truck for your construction business is a great way to save some time and increase production levels overall. Here are a few things you should do before actually buying your new dump truck.

Compare More Than Price

While the major aspects of the dump trucks you're considering buying don't differ from one another much, there may be much more than just price that sets each of them apart. For instance, one dump truck you are considering buying might coated with a protective top coat that repels UV rays and minimizes sun damage over time so you don't end up having to worry about getting a paint job.

But another dump truck you're interested in might not feature the same protection and you may end up facing chipping and peeling sooner rather than later. The maintenance requirements, windshield build, and even the dashboard controls can all vary greatly depending on the truck. So make sure that you compare everything from the fuel economy and interior features to the tire specifications and bumper finish when deciding which prospective dump truck to invest your company's money in.

Rent Before Purchasing

If possible, it's a good idea to rent the dump truck you're seriously interested in for a few days before you commit to buying it. You don't have to necessarily do any work with it, but you can drive it around the job site and get a feel for it's performance. You can also get a feel for the actual fuel economy you can expect when using the truck on a regular basis in the coming years. And you'll see how well your work crew can handle the truck overall. At the end of the rental period, you'll have the peace of mind in knowing that you're making a purchase decision based on the actual performance of the dump truck, not just it's expected performance.

Opt for a Warranty

One of the most important things you can do before buying a new dump truck is ensure that you can purchase an extended warranty for it. Any dump truck you choose should come with a standard manufacturer's warranty, which should cover the major components of the truck due to faulty performance or premature break downs for the first couple of years after purchase.

But an extended warranty will cover most components in the truck, even if something breaks down due to regular wear and tear as long as you properly maintain the truck. All you'll have to do is pay a deductible, and the rest of the repair or replacement bills should be taken care of thanks to the extended warranty you purchase.

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