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Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Style

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Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Style

2 Tips For Successfully Delivering Wine To Customers Without It Being Spoiled By High Temperature

Faith Brown

When your winery ships its wines directly to customers' homes, it's important to make sure that the wine is kept cool all throughout its journey. Exposure to excessive heat can quickly damage wine, causing it to develop unwanted flavors. It can also cause the air in the wine bottle to expand, loosening the cork and exposing the wine to oxygen. This causes the wine to oxidize, making it sour.

In order to make sure that your customers are able to fully appreciate your wine, it's important to use a good climate-controlled freight transport company to deliver it. Climate-controlled freight transport keeps your wine at the temperature that you specify while it's in transit, preventing high heat from damaging the wine. All of your wine should be shipped in this manner. In addition to using climate-controlled freight, you should also follow the two tips below in order to ensure that your wine isn't damaged in transit.

1. Pack Your Wine With Gel Ice Packs

Freight carriers normally don't give you much control over last-mile shipping, which is when your wine is picked up at the transportation depot and loaded into delivery trucks that drop off the wine at your customers' homes. Some delivery services offer refrigerated trucks, but they're not available in all areas. In order to prevent your wine from spoiling while it's on the final day of transit, pack your wine in insulated shipping containers. Include a few gel ice packs in the container in order to help maintain a cool temperature inside of it. This ensures that your wine will be kept cool while it's in the delivery truck or sitting outside of a customer's home waiting to be picked up.

2. Ship Your Wine at Near-Freezing Temperatures

When you're relying on ice packs to keep your wine cool, it's important to make sure it's shipped at a low temperature. Once it's unloaded from the climate-controlled freight transport truck, it will take longer to warm up if it's already near-freezing. While the ideal cellar temperature for wine is around the mid-50s, the truck transporting your wine should keep the temperature around the low 30s. It's easy to find these trucks since that's the temperature that refrigerated products typically require. It's higher than the ideal temperature for aging wine, but the lower temperature won't negatively affect your wine during the short time it's in transit.

By following the tips above, you'll minimize the chances of your wine being damaged by exposure to high temperatures. A good climate-controlled freight transport company can ensure that your wine will be received by your customers in the same condition it was when it left your winery — this increases the likelihood that your customers will order from your winery again. If you want your customers to experience your wine as if they're tasting it at your winery, make sure you partner with an excellent climate-controlled freight transportation carrier that can deliver your wine while keeping it safely cool.

Reach out to a local climate-controlled transportation service to get more tips.