Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Style
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Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Style

Growing up, my family went on numerous summer vacations. The five of us all usually traveled in my parent’s midsize sedan. While we enjoyed each other’s company for a while, we soon became irritable. We didn’t have nearly enough room in the car to remain comfortable for longer than an hour or two. If you’re planning an upcoming vacation, consider renting a vehicle to travel in. You can ride in style; and, you will have enough room to stretch. On this blog, you will discover the best types of vehicles to rent for large families. Enjoy your vacation ride this year!

Enjoy Your Summer Vacation in Style

3 Ways to Make Your Next Flight Less Stressful & Save Time

Faith Brown

If you need to fly someone and take a trip, be it for business or pleasure, you will want to ensure that your flight experience isn't stressful and that you can maximize your time.  

Way #1: Avoid Parking at the Airport 

One of the best ways to avoid stress and maximize your time is to avoid parking at the airport. Figuring out where to park at the airport can be confusing. It also requires a lot of time. You have to find the right parking lot for your vehicle, pay, and park. Then, you more than likely are going to need to take a shuttle to get to the airport from the parking lot and then find the right terminal, which can require excess walking and time on your part. 

Instead, leave your car at home or the hotel you are staying at, and take an airport shuttle. When you take an airport shuttle directly from your home or hotel, the shuttle will take you right to the correct terminal for your flight. You don't have to bother with parking and getting from the parking lot to the airport. Your shuttle will pick you up and take you right to the airport.  

Way #2: Pack Up the Night Before 

Packing takes time, which is why you should pack your bag a full day in advance of your trip—packing your bag a full day before your trip gives you time to catch up on things. When you pack in advance, if you discover something that you want to take on your trip is dirty, you will have time to wash it. If you discover that you don't have something, like travel-size toiletries, you will have time to go out and buy what you need for your trip. 

By packing the day before your trip, you give yourself time to work through any packing obstacles you encounter. Additionally, you will not be stressed trying to pack on the day of your trip. You can grab your bag, get on your shuttle, and head right to the airport. 

Way #3: Check-In Ahead of Time 

Most all airlines now allow you to check-in for your flight in advance. Check and see if your airline offers advanced check-ins, and then check yourself in before you get to the airport. That way, when you get to the airport, you don't have to get in line to check-in; you can simply use the boarding pass on your phone as your ticket. 

If you go this route, remember to ensure that your phone is fully charged before leaving for your flight, and bring a charger and a backup battery with you.

If you want to reduce stress when traveling, and save time, use an airport shuttle to get to and from the airport. Pack your bag a day in advance of your trip so you have time to figure things out if you are missing something you need, or something needs to be cleaned. Lastly, check-in ahead of time for your flight, so when your shuttle drops you off, you can drop off any checked bags and head straight for security.